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Dating tips for men on free russian women sites

In this article, we will walk you through some simple dating mistakes you must avoid on free Russian women sites like You will learn simple tricks that can help you win the heart of your dream Russian lover over. This will also help you to sustain existing relationships if you already have your own rusian woman. These game changers can spin your relationship to the next level if you can put commitment into it.

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You need to understand that Russian women put so much effort into looking good as they take pride in this. It will be nice therefore to take advantage of every chance you get when you are on any free russian women site to tell your woman how beautiful she is, as russian women really value compliments on their look. Take note of her long and beautiful hair, tell her that her smile trips you, and that her dress looks good on her. You can even tell her how much you love her physique, but be careful here and don't over-do this as complimenting parts like her buttocks or breast at an early stage can ruin everything; it makes them feel like you are seeing them as a prostitute.


As much as russian women aprreciates hardworking and responsible men, they also like men that are composed, charming and always look good with regards to dressing. You may not be extremely rich, they just want to see you display some decency and show that you are organised in everything. This way, you will increase her interest in you. She will also have the confidence to show you off to her friends as stuffs like that are common with russian ladies.


One way to impress a russian woman is to let her know that her opinions and view really counts. Always respect her views and don't turn her down as it is common with russian women to want to do things independently. All she may just need at that time will be your support and encouragement rather than shutting her up. It doesn't mean that you should leave her to make wrong choices too; you just need to be subtle with your correction and redirection.


One thing common with most ladies on free russian women sites is that they are flirty; they want you to tease them as they enjoy playing the "cat and mouse". They are confident in their beauty and they know a lot of men desire them so they don’t easily give-in until you are able to put enough effort that will make her feel special. Just be confident in yourself and don’t try to be what you are not just because you want to impress her. If she doesn't like you the way you are, then maybe you are not just right for each other. Besides, there are a lot of them out there and you will always find the right person for you if you can take your time.

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Russian women place so much value and respect on their family than any other thing; not even their career can compete with such space in their heart. You can win the heart of any lady from free russian women sites if you can just show her that you care about her family and let her know you respect her view on this. You can ask about the members of her family, let her tell you interesting memories they have shared, but don't get too personal with this, just some basic questions that can show that you care. You also have to tell her about your family so as not to sound too interrogative during such discussions. Take note of the names of her family members and note some important events she cherishes. You can ask about her family members later by mentioning their names or you remind her of those special events she told you about. This way, you will be able show to her that you pay attention to every detail and this will make her love you the more.

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